The future…

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Trigger warning. Grim assessment ahead.

Here’s the latest climate change report:

It is bad. It will get worse. Humans will continue to ignore it. Humans will do nothing to change it. Humans will continue to exploit, profit and decimate. More disease, viruses and bacteria will evolve. Entire eco-systems will collapse. Fresh water will become the new oil. It will get hotter. It will get wetter. It will get dryer. It will flood. It will burn. It will get too hot to sustain life. It will get cold. Too little will be done too late. The next great extinction event will become inevitable. Humans – and most animal, ocean and insect life will disappear.

Centuries will pass. Thousands and thousands of years will pass. Millions. Maybe billions. A new form of life will arise. Humans will become just another layer of fossilised remains in the geological sediment of time. The only life form that fostered its own demise. So much for the belief that humans are a form of intelligent life. The earth will go on. Without us.

Nature will find a way. It does not need us. It does better without us. This planet does not need us. It’s the other way around.

That is all.

As you were….